Spring 7v7 Football

Non-Contact Passing League - 4-8th Grade

Welcome - All Tackle Quarterbacks & Skilled Position Players

Calling all Tackle Skilled Position Players and those looking to play the Quarterback position. We invite you to take advantage of this off-season development opportunity with teammates and coaches playing 7v7 football.

Specifically for "Skilled Position Players" only (QB/WR/DB). Tackle coaches will start evaluating and preparing for the fall tackle season working on route running and offensive/defensive schemes/coverages.

Current 8th Graders, you will have the opportunity to work with the New Trier Varsity football staff and further prepare for summer high school camps and 9th grade football in the fall.

Skilled Positions and Fall Tackle Weight Restrictions to Handle Ball

Flag and tackle parents, in preperation for fall tackle football, please note our league has strictly enforced age & weight restrictions for handling the football to help keep our game safe. The following is a good guild to registering for 7v7. Based on age before 9/1/24. Do not register for 7v7 if your child is over the below weight at their age as they will not be able to handle the ball this fall.

Note: These weight restrictions do NOT apply for 8th graders heading to high school this fall.

  • 14 - under 120 lbs
  • 13 - under 125 lbs
  • 12 - under 130 lbs
  • 11 - under 120 lbs
  • 10 - under 105 lbs

Reminder… 7v7 is only for those playing tackle football for us this fall.

No… we do NOT accept friend or coach requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be playing 7v7 Football?

All who are planning to play tackle football in the fall and desire to play the Quarterback, Wide Receiver, or Defensive Back positions.

We encourage all others to consider trying our new Rugby offering this spring. We strongly feel the sport of rugby is a terrific compliment to football and a great opportunity to continue developmental skills helpful in football success.

Plus the BIG GUYS get to handle and run with the ball.

Whats the difference between Flag and 7v7 play?

7v7 is a pass-only league and strictly developmental. Running is not allowed. Tackle players have the opportunity to work with their potential tackle teammates and coaches during the off-season.

What is the cost to play?

$300 includes uniform.

What different play levels are offered?

  • Current 4/5th grade
  • Current 6/7th grade
  • Current 8th grade

What equipment is needed to play?

Non-contact football. You will only need cleats and mouthguards for play.

When does the season start and end?

We start our season in March and it runs through May.

When are games and practices?

Teams practice 1-2 times per week at the coach's discretion. The days and times are yet to be determined. There are 8-9 games during the season on Sunday mornings or early afternoons.

What is the committment for play?

Spring 7v7 is more developmental-driven. We are less strict with attendance than Fall tackle. Communication with coaches is key.

Can we participate in more than one Northshore activity during the spring?

Yes. We do ask that you properly communicate with coaches with conflicts in advance.

Questions please contact Chris at 612-207-7141 or cprawdz@yahoo.com.

Spring 2024


On-line registration is required and will allow you to provide us your player information, contact information, your agreement to consents and policies, and submit payment in full.

DUES: Registration fees for the Spring 7v7 Season is $300 and includes custom uniform kit. Players are to provide their own mouth guards and cleats. No equipment needed.

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