Fall Tackle Football

Competitive & Developmental Play (Ages 7-14)

Age & Weight Restricted Play

Welcome - Boys & Girls interested in Fall Tackle Football

Welcome to Northshore Trevians Football. Offering both competitive and developmental tackle football for ages 7-14. Previous football experience is not necessary, we have appropriate placement for all ages, sizes, and experience. Our goal is simple, to teach the great game of football in a safe and nurturing environment while creating a love for the sport. We truly feel that we are coaching more than just football by teaching life lessons that prepare our young athletes for success both on and off the field. 

"Start them early and teach them right makes for a safer and better game for all."

Yes… we offer Tackle Football for ages 7/8 years old.


Unlike flag football and many other youth sports, tackle requires teaching and repetition to properly prepare for the season and opponents each week. We practice 4 nights a week, scaling back to 3 times once school begins. For those new to tackle, it is extremely important to make all practices especially early in the season. We support multi-sport athletes although we expect football to take priority over other sports during the fall season. 

Parents and Players, we expect those registered to play in our program to be at all practices and games. Parents, if you are unable to commit to all practices and games, please consider flag football as an alternative. We purposely keep our teams small so that all get plenty of play. Missing practices and games hurts the team and makes coaching extremely challenging. 

Important Dates

  • July 22nd - Practice Begins
  • August 5th - Full Pads Team Practice Begins
  • August 17th - possible scrimmages
  • August 24th - possible scrimmages
  • Aug 31/Sept 1 - First Games (location and times TBD)

Yes, we do play on Labor Day Weekend

Registration Fees

$850 Includes all equipment needed.

Participants are to provide their own cleats, mouthguard, and practice pants.


We realize many families have planned vacations and summer camps. Many of our families have conflicts during the first several weeks of practice. Although is not ideal, especially if you are new to tackle, your child will not be penalized for missing during this time. Communication is key.

New to Tackle Football

Each year we have many that are new to tackle football. We do strongly encourage those new to be in attendance at the start of our practice season. This is a time to learn. Arriving after practices have begun will put someone new to the sport well behind those who have been at practice. 

No we do NOT take friend or coach requests.

Teams & Play Levels

Players will initially be assigned to "Play Levels" based on their age and weight. Team placement is not finalized until ages are verified (provided birth certificate), players are weighed (on our certified scale) and payment is received in full. The following is a rundown of general "play levels";

  • Bantam (ages 7-9 years old)
  • Featherweight (younger/lighter ages 9-10 years old)
  • Middleweight (younger/lighter ages 11-12 years old)
  • Lightweight (younger/lighter ages 12-13 years old)
  • Junior Varsity (lighter 12-14 year olds)
  • Varsity (heavier 12-14 year olds)

All 12-14 year olds will be placed at our LW/JV/Varsity Play Level with the opportunity to be evaluated by coaches to play on our top Varsity team. This is truly a badge of honor and should be the goal of all participants in our program. 

Please note, teams will be capped at 18-20 players. 

Age & Weight Restrictions

The health and safety of our young athletes remain our number one priority. Our league follows a very strict “Age & Weight Schedule” to help keep players safe during play. This specifically groups players by their age and weight allowing for safe play with like age and sized teammates and opponents. 

Practice Schedule

All practices are scheduled at Skokie Playfields in Winnetka. Practice begins in late July with conditioning and evaluations. Weeks 1 and 2 are without pads. We introduce pads and contact after week 2. We break into team practice and prepare for pre-season scrimmages in week 3/4.

  • Late July (4 days) Mon-Thurs - 6:00-7:30 pm 
  • September (3 days) Tues-Thurs - 6:00-7:30 pm
  • Some coaches schedule Saturday morning walk-throughs before games. 

Game Schedule

We will have a full 9 game regular season schedule that mirrors the Illinois State High School Schedule beginning the weekend of August 24th. Games are generally played on Sundays for most teams between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Some communities do play on Saturdays and even on special occasions Saturday evenings. All home games are played at West New Trier High School turf in Northfield on Sundays. We do not see a game schedule until about two weeks before our first scheduled games. The schedule is rolled out slowly to help ensure competitive play. 4-5 games will be played at home and the other half on the road. Most road games are no further than 45 minutes away. 

Coaching Opportunities

When possible, Non-Parent Head Coaches will be assigned to each team along with parent assistant coaches. If you wish to help coach, please contact me directly. All coaches are required to pass a background check and be certified by both USA Football and the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Participating League Communities

We belong to The Chicagoland Youth  Football League. With over 50 participating community programs, TCYFL is the largest independent youth football program in the country. Visit www.TCYFL.net to learn more.

Finacial Support & Scholarships

Anyone that wants to play the game of football should be afforded every opportunity to do so. We offer several different options to help those who might need finacial assistance with league fees and other football related items.

  • Finacial Support Scholarships
  • Military & First Response Discount ($250 off)
  • Multipule Sibling Discount ($250 off)

Please contact us to discuss further at 612-207-7141 or cprawdz@yahoo.com.

First Year Testimonials

Jay (parent of 11 year old first year participant)

"I wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know how much Ian enjoyed his first year of Northshore Tackle Football. Not only did he learn about playing football, but the experience of being part of a serious league/team was a tremendous life lesson. The way you instill respect, community and leadership in the kids is impressive. You and all the coaches were awesome at balancing focus and commitment with having fun. Ian looked forward to every practice and game. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. We'll see you next year."

Mike (parent of 10 year old first year participant)

"We are extremely pleased with our son's participation in the Northshore Trevians Tackle Football program! We only wish we had learned about the program sooner. My son has tried about every team sport you can imagine, but never found the right fit. One season of tackle football has literally transformed him, both mentally and physically! He wasn't the most physical kid in any of the sports he previously played, but he found his confidence early in the football season, he committed to working hard and being the best tackle football player he could be. His coach and his teammates recognized his commitment and his intensity, resulting in him taking a leadership role on the team. His coaches developed in him great sportsmanship, teaming, intensity, confidence, mental and physical toughness and leadership. My wife was initially concerned with safety, but the program's commitment to the safety and well-being of our children was robust and evident during practice and in games. Overall, it's just a great program!"

Rob (parent of 8 year old first year participant) 

"As a parent who grew up playing tackle football and taking some hard hits, I don't think it's possible to enroll your 10 year old in the sport without some level of concern over head injuries. After watching practices for the first couple of weeks, those fears were severely diminished. I am truly amazed at how much has changed in terms of coaching the game over the years! The amount of time, emphasis, and practice devoted solely to teaching players proper form & technique to keep their heads out of the way is incredible! Kudos, North Shore Trevians, thank you for teaching our kids to play safe!

Bob and Christa (parents of 8 year old first year participant)

"First, thank you so much for your time and commitment to coaching the kids and instilling in them a sense of teamwork, pride, hard work, and good sportsmanship. From day one of practice, it was obvious that the coaches were committed to teaching the boys best practices in tackle football. Practices focused on technique in blocking and tackling the right way. Safety of the boys was always top of mind as we could see with quick whistles to stop plays after contact. Coaches have been outstanding in demanding the players are respectful, attentive, committed to their teammates and the position assignments, and emphasizing good sportsmanship. Our kids have frequently extended a hand to help opponents back to their feet. We’ve been so impressed with the coaching staff; they have gained the respect of the players and parents based on their dedication to developing the players in a positive, supportive . . . yet no-nonsense style. When the coaches talk, the players listen. Unlike other coaches we’ve witnessed from opposing teams, our coaches speak firmly, yet supportively to the players. The players carry themselves with confidence and pride. Well done to all involved with the Trevian youth football league.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age is the right time to start tackle?

Starting them early and teaching them right makes for a better and safer game. We offer tackle teams starting at the age of 7 years old and have even had some as young as 6.

We are on the fence about playing tackle this season?

Tackle football isn't for everyone and that is why we feel it is important to give it a try. We offer a multitude of pre season opportunities for our families.

In June we will offer Try Football for Free clinics for 7-9 years olds. Over the summer we will offer a New to Football camp. We also allow families to register and give us a try. We will refund your money back before the beginning of the season if you decide tackle isn't for you.

Does my player need to have prior football experience ?

Absolutely not. We will teach the game of football and hopefully create a love for the sport.

What is the overall time commitment?

Although our season is very short (August through October), different than many other sports, football requires a lot of preparation for safety and success. During the season, we will have 3-4 practices lasting 1.5 hours. 

Can girls play?

Absolutely… We have had many girls play alongside the boys and have been strong contributors to the team.

When and where are practices held?

All practices are on the turf at Skokie Playfields. Conditioning and evaluations begin the last week of July (Mon-Thurs). Once school begins, we practice three nights a week (Tues/Weds/Thurs).

What is included with my registration?

Each participant will receive a helmet, shoulder pads, pants, practice and game jerseys. Players are to provide their own mouth guards and cleats. 

When and how are teams formed?

Players are automatically assigned a team level based on their age and weight. Once players are evaluated, properly weighed and their ages are certified, teams will be formed. Usually in weeks 3. 

Fall Tackle 2024


On-line registration is required and will allow you to provide us your player information, contact information, your agreement to consents and policies, and submit payment in full.

DUES: Registration fees for the Fall Tackle Football 2024 Season is $850 and includes a helmet, shoulder pads, pants, practice and game jerseys. Players are to provide their own mouth guards and cleats. 

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