Jay (parent of 11 year old first year participant)

"I wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know how much Ian enjoyed his first year of Northshore Tackle Football. Not only did he learn about playing football, but the experience of being part of a serious league/team was a tremendous life lesson. The way you instill respect, community and leadership in the kids is impressive. You and all the coaches were awesome at balancing focus and commitment with having fun. Ian looked forward to every practice and game. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. We'll see you next year."

Mike (parent of 10 year old first year participant)

"We are extremely pleased with our son's participation in the Northshore Trevians Tackle Football program! We only wish we had learned about the program sooner. My son has tried about every team sport you can imagine, but never found the right fit. One season of tackle football has literally transformed him, both mentally and physically! He wasn't the most physical kid in any of the sports he previously played, but he found his confidence early in the football season, he committed to working hard and being the best tackle football player he could be. His coach and his teammates recognized his commitment and his intensity, resulting in him taking a leadership role on the team. His coaches developed in him great sportsmanship, teaming, intensity, confidence, mental and physical toughness and leadership. My wife was initially concerned with safety, but the program's commitment to the safety and well-being of our children was robust and evident during practice and in games. Overall, it's just a great program!"

Rob (parent of 8 year old first year participant) 

"As a parent who grew up playing tackle football and taking some hard hits, I don't think it's possible to enroll your 10 year old in the sport without some level of concern over head injuries. After watching practices for the first couple of weeks, those fears were severely diminished. I am truly amazed at how much has changed in terms of coaching the game over the years! The amount of time, emphasis, and practice devoted solely to teaching players proper form & technique to keep their heads out of the way is incredible! Kudos, North Shore Trevians, thank you for teaching our kids to play safe!

Bob and Christa (parents of 8 year old first year participant)

"First, thank you so much for your time and commitment to coaching the kids and instilling in them a sense of teamwork, pride, hard work, and good sportsmanship. From day one of practice, it was obvious that the coaches were committed to teaching the boys best practices in tackle football. Practices focused on technique in blocking and tackling the right way. Safety of the boys was always top of mind as we could see with quick whistles to stop plays after contact. Coaches have been outstanding in demanding the players are respectful, attentive, committed to their teammates and the position assignments, and emphasizing good sportsmanship. Our kids have frequently extended a hand to help opponents back to their feet. We’ve been so impressed with the coaching staff; they have gained the respect of the players and parents based on their dedication to developing the players in a positive, supportive . . . yet no-nonsense style. When the coaches talk, the players listen. Unlike other coaches we’ve witnessed from opposing teams, our coaches speak firmly, yet supportively to the players. The players carry themselves with confidence and pride. Well done to all involved with the Trevian youth football league. "

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