Coaches Conduct

Coaches Code Of Conduct


  • Argue with referees or officials.
  • Use abusive, hateful, obscene, or vulgar language.
  • Taunt, bait, ridicule, or threaten (verbally or physically) any player, coach, referee, field marshal, or spectator.
  • Engage in, or tolerate, any behavior or language that is racist, sexist, or contributes to a non-inclusive environment.
  • Make aggressive physical contact with any referee, official, player, or spectator.
  • Be under the influence of drugs or alcohol before or during games or practices.
  • Physically, sexually, verbally, or emotionally abuse any official, player, or spectator.
  • Send any form of electronic communication (e.g., text, email, private social media message) to a player under 18 without copying his or her parent.

Disciplinary Action for Coaches

  • The [Ethics Committee] will investigate all reported or observed violations committed by Coaches. The [Ethics Committee] will communicate all issues that come to their attention with the Executive Director
  • The [Ethics Committee] will have the authority to discipline the Team Coach involved, and with the concurrence of the Executive Director, to ban the coach if deemed necessary or appropriate
  • Any decision of the [Ethics Committee] may be appealed in writing to the Executive Director. Decisions of the Executive Director shall be final.

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