Tackle Coaches Corner



The health and safety of our young athletes remains our number one goal. Our league has one of the strictest policies in the country when it comes to safety. A true leader in safe practice and play. The following are just some of the policies and procedures our league and program have in place.

- Limited weekly practice hours and hitting during practice.

- Strict return to play policies after injury.

- Strict hydration policies and practices.

- 7 different age and weight defined levels of play, along with two different competitive levels of play including the Pac10 developmental 11 on 11 off division. This allows us to place our players on appropriate teams based on their age, weight and experience.

- Weekly weigh-in's before every game with absolutely no play exceptions.

- Weekly injury reporting for research and analytics.

- Mandatory teaching of Heads Up Football's blocking and tackling.

- Continued investments in new and safer practice equipment such as; Tackle Wheels and Shadowman Tackling system.

- Certified Trainers at all practices and games, home and away.

- All coaches required annual certification in the latest USA Football Heads Up techniques. Certification in Advance Concussion Awareness and Certification in Positive Coaching Alliance.

Teach them early the right and safe way. By offering tackle football as young as 7 years old, we are making for a better and safer game for all. 

Heads Up Football Training

Our League TCYFL

Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather, Northshore Trevians follows the Winnetka Park District Policy with a weather Thor Guard in place.

The most common weather impacting football is: THUNDER & LIGHTNING. Once the horn goes off and/or lightening/thunder is observed or heard, all athletic fields and outdoor organized program areas must be cleared for a period of 30 minutes. If observed or heard again, the 30-minute period begins again.

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