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Fall Tackle

The Registration "Fall Tackle" is not currently available.


Welcome to Northshore Trevians Football. Offering both competitive and developmental tackle football for ages 7-14. Previous football experience is not necessary, we have appropriate placement for all ages, sizes and experience. Our goal is simple, to teach the great game of football in a safe and nurturing environment while creating a love for the sport. We truly feel that we are coaching more than just football by teaching life lessons that prepare our young athletes for success both on and off the field.  
"Start them early and teach them right makes for a safer and better game for all."

Unlike flag and many other youth sports, tackle requires teaching and repetition to properly prepare for the season and opponents each week. We practice 4 nights a week, scaling back to 3 times once school begins. For those new to tackle, it is extremely important to make all practices especially early in the season. We support multi sport athletes although we expect football to take priority over other sports during the season. 
Parents and Players, we expect those registered to play in our program, to be at all practices and games. We purposely keep our teams small so that all get plenty of play. Missing practices and games hurt the team and make coaching extremely challenging. 

Mid July - Northshore Football Academy Pre Season Camps & Evaluations
Last Week of July - Practice Begins
Early August - Full Pads Team Practice Begins
Mid August - Scrimmages (location and times TBD)
Late August - First Games (location and times TBD)

$800 Includes all equipment needed. Participants to provide own cleats, mouth guard and practice pants.

We realize many families have planned vacations and summer camps. Many of our families have conflicts during the first several weeks of practice. Although is not ideal, especially if you are new to tackle, your child will not be penalized for missing during this time. We kindly ask though that you communicate when your child will be absent from practices so coaches can plan accordingly. 

Each year we have many that are new to tackle football. We do strongly encourage those new to be in attendance at the start of our practice season. This is a time to learn. Arriving after practices have begun will put someone new to the sport behind those who have been at practice. 

New this year, registered players will be automatically assigned to teams based on their age and weight through our registration site. Teams are not finalized until ages are verified (provided birth certificate), players are weighed (on our certified scale) and payment is received in full. The following is a rundown of "play levels";

Bantam (ages 7-9 years old)
Featherweight (younger/lighter ages 9-10 years old)
Middleweight (younger/lighter ages 11-12 years old)
Lightweight  (lighter ages 13-14 years old)
Junior Varsity (ages 13-14 years old)
Varsity (heavier ages 13-14 years old)

Please note, teams will be capped at 18-20 players. Once those numbers are reached we will be creating a “Wait List”. We except high demands this fall and encourage all to register right away.

The health and safety of our young athletes remains our number one priority. Our league follows a very strict “Age & Weight Schedule” to help keep players safe during play. This specifically groups players by their age and weight allowing for safe play with like age and sized teammates and opponents. 
You can find the “Age & Weight Schedule” at the FORMS drop down tab on our home page or scroll to the bottom of this page. There are very few exceptions to this rule/schedule.

All practices are scheduled at Skokie Playfields in Winnetka. 
Practice begins in late July with conditioning and evaluations. Weeks 1 & 2 are commonly without pads. We start introduce pads and contact after week 2.  We break into team practice and prepare for pre season scrimmages in weeks 3 &4..

Beginning July 26th, Mon-Thurs - 5:30-7:30pm 
Beginning August 24th, Tues-Thurs - 5:45-7:45pm
Some coaches schedule Saturday morning walk-throughs before games. 

We will have a full 9 game regular season schedule that mirrors the Illinois State High School Schedule beginning August 29th. Most games are played on Sunday's between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Some communities do play on Saturday's and even on special occasions Saturday evenings. All home games are played at West New Trier High School turf in Northfield. We do not see a game schedule until about two weeks before the season begins. The schedule is rolled out in portions to help assure competitive play. 4-5 games will be played at home and the other half on the road. Most road games are no further than 30-45 minutes away. 

When possible, Non Parent Head Coaches will be assigned to each team along with parent assistant coaches. If you wish to help coach, please contact me directly. All coaches are required to pass a background check and be certified by USA Football and PCA.

We belong to The Chicagoland Youth  Football League. With over 50 participating community programs, TCYFL is the largest independent youth football program in the country.
Many of our neighboring communities have recently joined our league this fall and we might have Northbrook, Glenview, Evanston and Deerfield/Highland Park on our schedule. 
Visit to learn more.

Please address all questions to;
Chris Prawdzik


  • Does my player need to have prior football experience?
    Absolutely not. We will teach the game of football and hopefully create a love for the sport.

  • What is the overall time commitment?
    Although our season is very short (August through October), different than many other sports, football requires a lot of preparation for safety and success. During the season, we will have 3-4 practices lasting 1.5-2 hours. 

  • When are practices held?
    Conditioning and evaluations begin the last week of July (Mon-Thurs). Once school begins, we practice three nights a week (Tues/Weds/Thurs).

  • How many players are on the field?
    We play 11 vs 11 tackle football.

  • What is included with my registration?
    Each participant will receive a helmet, shoulder pads, pants, practice and game jerseys. Players are to provide their own mouth guards and cleats. 

  • When and how are teams formed?
    Registered players are automatically assigned a team level based on their age and weight. Once players are evaluated, properly weighed and their ages are certified, teams will be formed. Usually in weeks 3. 

  • How many players are on each team?
    We try and cap players at 18-20 per team. 

  • What is Northshore Trevians cancellation policy?
    All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to the league director - Chris Prawdzik. There are NO refunds after the first game.